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The Yosemite dresser collection recreates the improvised, utilitarian look of early 20th century factory furniture. Rough-hewn planks crafted entirely from solid pine bear the characteristic saw marks, dents, pits, and random knots of logs milled on the steam-powered circular and sash saws of the era. A rustic black pine finish balances transparency and opacity to showcase these natural imperfections. Exposed bolts, hammered metal pulls and cross-braces evoke the ingenuity and earnestness that characterized the turn of the century.

  • All components are constructed from solid Acacia
  • Constructed from solid pine to replicate the industrial, turn of the century aesthetic
  • Hand hewn planks are carefully selected and joined to preserve natural saw marks, imperfections and varying depths from the milling process
  • Unique finish is a dark gray with just enough opacity to show clearly defined wood grain and a low sheen lacquer that enhances depth and accentuates saw marks and rough spots without looking glossy


7YC982  Dresser : 36″ H x 62″ W x 18″ D

7YC983 Mirror 39″ H x 49″ W x 4″ D


Excluding Sales Tax
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