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Set on a midcentury-style tripod base, the Lyon collection boasts a sophisticated fiber-reinforced gray concrete table top that gives it a modern, minimalist quality without the heavy lifting. Each cement top is hand-poured and finished with a clear wax sealant to create a natural, authentically industrial look.

- Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) table top has the natural look and feel of concrete with less permeability and improved impact/abrasion resistance.

- One-piece base consists of tubular steel legs welded to curved solid steel stretchers in a brushed bronze finish.

- Semi-porous wax finish over natural concrete – unattended spills may leave stains.

- Hand-brushed, powder-coated metal finish.

- Assembly required.

DIMENSIONS: 49" W x 19" H x 49" D

WEIGHT: 168 lbs

CUBES: 31.8





SKU: A89421
Excluding Sales Tax
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